Not too happy today.  I recently received my vehicle title from USAA (after I paid off my loan) and my last name was misspelled.  I asked for it to be corrected, but was basically told it was the way the title originally was and I would have to go to DMV to resolve the issue.  They clearly misspelled my last name on top, but got it right on my mailing address; therefore, they said it was correct and I shouldn't have a problem with DMV.  Guess who has already taken issue with the error?  This is the first time I have had a complaint with USAA, but do not like the fact that i was cast aside so hastily.  Makes me question whether or not I will stay with USAA long term.


This happened to me before in Kentucky. The DMV misspelled my last name and it was wrong on the title, registration, etc. I had to go to the DMV with the purchase contract for my vehicle, and bring 2 forms of ID. They fixed the spelling on the spot without a hassle. You will probably have to do something similar.


FYI, USAA does not create the title and they can't alter it. That is a state document and must be corrected by you at the DMV.

I wouldnt worry about the misspelling too much. If you sell the car, just sign your name EXACTLY the way it is spelled on the title. Getting it corrected at the DMV shouldnt be a problem either, but some states charge way too much for a correction. Some dont charge at all. Youll need a copy of your bill of sale showing the correct spelling. If tbe dealership submitted it correctly and the state made the error, there is usually no charge for a correction. If it eas the dealerships fault, they should get it corrected. Good luck!