Susan D.

ID# xxxx


When through a breakup a few years back, I was trying to be nice and let the Ex use our joint account... Of course that went all to &%#@#&%#@#


However, Susan helped me a lot with that. Fixed a few things, let me know how it's affecting me, and was real nice.


I think she should get a Gold-Star/bonus/attaboy


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Fro the privacy of the employee, some information has been edited from your post.


By The Way, I've been a member for 20 years, never had a problem that was not solved. I try to get other service members to join also.


I'm also the son of a USAA member, he was with you for as long as I can remember.


Thank you for sharing your service experience with us in Community! I will ensure to share the kudos with Susan and her management team. Thank YOU and your family for your membership and years of loyalty! -Cynthia