I have been with USAA for over 8 years now, and have praised them until this past 6 months.  I am selling my house, nd buying a new home, so I called USAA, and requested a quote for home owners insurance on the new home, and change my current policy "Which has doubled in the past 3 years" over to a rental property, covering no contents.  Well to my suprise, my current insurance was going to go up $900.00. WHAT???????  Second, the new homeowners policy is going to be 3K per year.  So I picked up the phone, got 2 other quotes, MATCHING same coverage, and Deductables, and my quotes were half the price.  One at $1300.00, and the other at $1450.00.  I am so disappointed with the service, That I am leaving USAA and will not recommend them to anyone, anymore.  I hope the people at USAA read my post, and all the other negative and similar stories, and DO something about it.


Have you tried contacting customer service to air your concerns with management?


Maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere.



Yes I did, and they claim that they project what they feel they will pay out in claims over the next year, and that is why my premium has doubled in 3 years.  And mind you, I have NEVER filed a claim in 8 years or any time prior to that when I was with state farm.  Poor Poor service, and I do not belive they care about Customer Service Anymore. 

If you'd like to speak with an insurance specialist about your situation, please send a message here: http://bit.ly/I8GjNZ. I know you've already made the decision to leave USAA, but we'd like to record your feedback regarding the rate you were quoted. Additionally, we'd also like to learn more about the service you received so we can address that with our management team.