VERY Dissatisfied customer....Soon to be anone usaa user

I recently opened a new checking account and used my atm master card to open it....and was told i could use the cash advance side of it to make first deposits in the first. Month or when ever i need to make an emergency deposit the cash would be there i want to make that deposit and they tell me i have exceeded the cash advance limit......i call the civilian bank and the dont even see where usaa even tried to get it wasnt declined or nothing....that was to representatives.......i think ill be closing everything and staying local......i definitely dont need this kind of customer uncustomer take this as a warning. Never do business with usaa period.........


As a 10 year long member of USAA, I've never experienced a bad call into customer service and have never been treated badly.  I urge you to call and ask for a manager for assistance.


In my experience, I've had some rough times with my finances and they have helped me work through them and am extremely happy with being a USAA member and highly recommend it to others, almost daily.