Wish Usaa would make Usaa shirts available to members at cost.  Woul be more cost effective than buying tv ads. Members could advertise


Thanks for your comment @harry07 . We are lucky to have members like yourself willing to represent USAA with your fashion choices! :)


I'll be sure to pass this idea along! Hope you had a great weekend. 

There was a time when USAA did have t-shirts and other apparel with USAA logo, but for some unexplained (and probably stupid) reason they discontinued that merchandise.  I personally know at least 100 members who have asked that they start selling that merchandise again, but they refuse.  

But I'd bet they'd jump at the chance to sell BLM logo t-shirts and jackets. ;)

Hey "FullBird", I enjoyed your history of USAA t-shirts and other apparel you shared.  Add me to the list of members who would buy USAA merchandise.  However, you greatly disappointed me with your blatant, racist, statement about African Americans.  Do you feel that way about all people of color?  How about women?  What disparaging remarks do you have for them?  The spewing of unjustified and unfounded racist hate, sadly, defines to us, who you are.  You can be better.  

I believe you have issues with reading comprehension.  


I am simply pointing out that USAA would probably go woke rather than look after their members.  

Would like to buy the blue Usaa t shirts