I called to dispute a payment and usaa processed it? I never heard back from anyone. Nice usaa to take care of your members




If you have ISSUE or a PROBLEM / COMPLAINT then click here to start the process of telling USAA all about it.


Or you can call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) and speak to one of USAA's Member Service Representatives whom will be happy to assist you.


USAA can't begin to address your concerns until they hear from you.

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I can understand your fustration. This is certainly not the experience we want for our members. If you could, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722. We hope to hear from you soon.  


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Thank you for your help on this one. It is very much appreciated! - Wendy

I have never had issues with disputing any false charges USAA has always taken good care of me and my accounts just give them a chance I hope you have better results in the future I absolutely love using USAA as my bank