I love USAA's customer service and products that they make available to me and my family. I have not used every single product but look forward to using some financial retirement planning in the future. I have been a member since 1999 and have 3 children whom have all entered into the Military apon graduating high school. 2 Children are "Army Strong" !! and have been deployed to Iraq 2 times and my 3rd child has just entered service to the Marine Corp. Stationed in Camp Pendelton at this time. At one time over the years I have had teenages with cars, and insurance, and then putting cars in storage during boot camps and then finally separating my children from my insurance policy completely 1 at a time. And getting them started with their own lives! Also, USAA has the capibility of connecting all of our accounts to each other in case of emergency we are able to transfer money to one another. My children do all of their car buying through USAA and their deployment storage of their cars and for all the things they need to know for the new states and countries that they have been stationed. The security and trust ALONE ..........to know that no matter what the Military life sets in front of you , (which sometimes are things that I am not sure how to handle).......All you have to do is call or email USAA and they will happily walk you through it and even get other parties on the line if needed to solve what ever issue is at hand. I am very thankful for USAA and look forward to a long future with USAA as a member of my Family.