They hold your money for ten days before they release it. If I knew this before would if never banked with them. I have two other bank accounts and at most they may hold something for a day or two. Once my money is cleared will be earning out my account and never using them again. Usaa is a trash service. They don't care about there members like the military doesn't care about there soldiers .


Every bank has policies in regard to deposits. Some checks clear more quickly depending on the type of check & who issued it.

I know of NO bank who refunds ATM fees, except for USAA.

And, thank you for your service in the military, I appreciate it!!!



In my experience it's the exact opposite in every way. Did a wire transfer the other day for 10's of thousands and the entire amount posted the same day to my account here. My paycheck's post the Friday morning before my Monday payday! Everything I do on here is practically instant. Even depositing through the mobile app, the checks full amounts are available on the balance. I don't understand what you are talking about honestly. No other bank is this fast.
I've never had any problems with USAA. My money is available as soon as I deposit it or when I transfer from another bank.
My remote deposits are immediately available, and I get reimbursed for ATM fees. I also get paid a day earlier than everyone else at my workplace.
Never had that problem. ...hmmmm
It's a certain amount.... Couple thousand I think.... Even if you go over that amount, the first part of that is available instantly.... Then the rest is available once it clears it's home bank. I've never heard of 10 days.... Sorta sounds like exaggeration..... But it wasn't my transaction, so I don't know

I was somewhat hesitant at first about switching to an on-line bank (USAA) verses my local brick and mortar bank, BUT I am glad I did.  I have not had any issues, but had a few questions at the beginning.  Still, the person I talked with was friendly and helpful and explained the policies and procedures to me in a way that I could understand.  All I can say is thank you USAA , I feel proud to be a part of such a professional, customer oriented, financial organization!