I called to get an insurance quote for 2 cars and my home. The lady I spoke to told me I was pre-qual for a credit card with no interest on purchases or bal transfers for 12 months and that you get a discount for having several lines of business. I agreed to the card. They actually put me into a card for no interest on bal transfers for 18 months. I don't have any balances to transfer so there is no reason for me to ever get a card like that. I've called more than 10 times and the agents are rude and keep lying to me. I've heard everything from we have never done that offer to I am the one at fault. They even made an outbound call just to tell me that I am wrong and they will never do anything to resolve the issue. On top of that the car insurance is twice as expensive and the home owners is 3x as expensive as what I have somewhere else. It is clear that this company does not want my business. I will be taking it somewhere else. Hope the interest they charged me is worth all the bad press they will get from me. I plan to tell everyone I meet that they are screwing over our armed forces.


Be careful when shopping for homeowner insurance. I shopped once and found much cheaper rates. Ask, as I did, if they have an A. M. Best rating. They were not even listed, let alone rated. Cheap homeowner insurance is great until there is a hurricane or other disaster and the cheap carrier declares bankruptcy, leaving you with no recourse. If that happens, you could have had the same coverage for free.
I have to agree with Mountain man. I had a "cheaper" policy with farmers. However, it didn't cover nearly as many different things. I have done serious homework looking into the homeowners insurance. USAA is the best. Period.



You should thank God you didn't get USAA's insurance.  They screwed this disabled veteran over real good on homeowners insurance. I had to pay $4708. to fix my own roof. I even hired two contract roofers and an inspector to take pictures and give reports to USAA and they still denied my claim.


And if that's not enough just go to the BBB website and you'll see more than 750 more unresolved complaints just like mine. The only people who like USAA are those who have not yet filed a claim.