This is now two months that usaa have taken my payment and have made me wait to receive the balance on my credit card the add my interest 8 days before my bill was do so the can use that reason to put a hold on my account. This way they make it your fault. They do not help veterans like they say they do they hurt you. I live on a fixed income and because of them the rest of my bills are late cause I can pay them. Then when they release my funds they post to the credit repots that the payments are 10 days late even though you pay it on time In full.


I had the same problem with them over and over and over again.


I set up payments on certain days etc to make sure all my bills get paid on time. They constantly send the payments in days late or only reflect the payment was made in the numbers on the site etc but then the payments bounce because they never actually went through. 


I withdrew all my money and set up the same thing with Chase bank and I have enver had a problem since. USAA could not be a worse bank.

I pay all of my bills through USAA web bill pay, with the exception of my USAA bills which are automatically paid from my checking account. I have been using this service for a few years now and each and every payment is correct and on time. I'm not sure what you guys are doing, but maybe you should call and ask them for help so that you don't run into this problem in the future. 

I just got off the phone with USAA and yes they are CROOKS and I told them that. Everybody needs to start by turning them in to the BBB. They screwed this disabled veteran by making me pay for my roof replacement. I told them I was turning them in to the state attorney generals office for insurance fraud. I also told them I am going to organize a march at the Colorado Springs USAA office and let people know just how crooked they are.


I'm sending letters out to the local veteran groups to see if they will join me in the fight. Thanks.

Reggie, if you are trying to scam USAA by submitting overly inflated repair estimates and they caught on, why is it that THEY are the crooks?
Are there too many moving parts and that's why you guys don't understand BillPay? First of all, only a dunce would schedule payments to arrive a day or two before payment due date. While USAA does initiate the transfer on the scheduled date and the payment does arrive on that date, the receiving institution does not usually post them on that date. That's a problem with the bank you owe money to and not USAA. BillPay usually works with FedWire and payments are transmitted electronically via FedWire in the evening. So, for example, your Bank X receives the money at 1:00 am on Monday. They process it Monday late afternoon after banking hours. It appears on their books on Tuesday. If you are lucky Bank X will credit your account on Tuesday, but often not until Wednesday. The solution is to stop being a tightwad and schedule your payments to arrive a week before due date. It's not really rocket science.