My wife and I recieved our new debit cards in the mail today. After trying several different things, we finally got her card activated online. I logged in and attempted to activate my card and got the following error.

Card Activation Unsuccessful. (9:780112)

I went to the Service Center out in town and they were unable to help, saying that the name on the card had to match my ID. It does match my ID. The only difference is the debit card doesn't have my middle initial.


I'm so sorry to hear you ran into trouble. If you give us a call at 1-800-531-8722, we'll be happy to get things sorted out for you. If you prefer, you can send a message here and a member of our team will reach out to assist. 


It looks as if USAA security did their job.  You state  that the name on the card matches your ID but then change your story to say that the only difference is that the card did not include your middle initial.   That's a big difference.  If that's the case then the name on the card does not match your ID?  Don't blame this on USAA, blame yourself for not including your middle initial when applying for the card since your middle is including on your ID.  I'm glad your card was not activated; it helps us all, knowing security at USAA is doing its job.

Actually, USAA security failed miserably in doing their job.  A little common sense and real life experience goes a long way.


It is extremely common to have credit cards using a combination of their names and various initials.  In fact, my ID has my full middle name and it is crazy to assume that card issuers will even have space for middle names all the time.  The norm is that credit cards, by default, carry FN MI LN and who in their right mind would suggest it is my fault when it doesn't match my ID which has my full middle name?  Some issuers even by default omit middle initials when issuing their credit cards.


I tried to activate my debit card today. Since we're stationed overseas I can't really call the 1-800 number.

No problem, online activation is easy (usually).


Today it won't let me activate, FYI, the online process does NOT ask for middle initials, etc. You simply log into your account, press on the card you want to activate and submit the security code.

No problem ever, only today showed the same error code as mentioned above.


So dslinfreak didn't "change any stories" as rudely stated above, because middle initials simply don't matter when you activate online...that's what he tried first and failed.


Apparently there is a glitch in the system sometimes (it's August now)  and the USAA representatives didn't show enough common sense to help...

I have had USAA for well over 10 years and since this online activation feature has been possible I have always had problems and had to call. The online process is very easy...if it ever works. I grew up in the age of computers so I know the problem isnt on my end. I am not upset at USAA, just frustrated at the process. I still love USAA and will always use them.

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