Customer service is changing at my local USAA branch! I have been a member for over a year and enjoyed my rare visits inside of my Oceanside, CA branch. Everyone is helpful, friendly and knowledgable to work with.
However, the last two visits have been horrible! Last month I wanted to get a personal check printed from my account, something I have done a few times prior. Upon entering branch I was signed in like at a restaurant waiting for a seat to wait for someone to help me. Around me were 6 other customers waiting for teller service and a couple waiting for insurance quotes. Okay, I' ll see how fast this goes. I watched as 3 tellers at bar played on computer and called names every 5 to 10 minutes for help. The attitude was clear that we the customers would be helped when they got around to us. Very slowly the crowd was getting frustrated and some assisted. It took me over half an hour, yet multiple employees roamed around talking to each other and trying to ignore customers. Very disappointed!


USAA has only one BANK (that I know of) located in San Antonio, Texas, and a LIMITED number of Financial Centers located all across the U.S.


I see that Oceanside, California has one of these limited number of Financial Centers, and from your comment I assume you were visiting it.


If you are having problems with this Financial Center, maybe another location would be better.


To help you find the "local USAA" Bank Branch, Financial Center, or ATM near you, visit this LINK:


USAA Locator


Here also are some QUICK LINKS:


  1. USAA Bank Lobby and Drive Through
  2. USAA Financial Centers
  3. USAA ATM's (Select "Withdraw Cash" from Drop Down Menu and enter ADDRESS and/or CITY and/or STATE) dd
  4. USAA Check Deposit  (Select "Deposit Checks" from Drop Down Menu and enter ADDRESS and/or CITY and/or STATE) **Shows UPS Store Locations

ALSO, it is possible to PRINT CANCELLED CHECKS for any of your USAA Accounts by:


  1. Simply logging on to the USAA Website, and;
  2. Viewing the activity for the appropriate account, and;
  3. Clicking on the CHECK ICON by the appropriate entry.

I hope this helps you (and others)