This week I returned to my local Oceanside, CA branch to get personal checks printed for taxes. Upon entering branch I was signed in again to wait for assistance. One customer prior to me was sitting and waiting I will assume for a quote. Their were 2 tellers at the bar playing on computer and having personal conversations back and forth. I was confused at need for me to sit and wait!

Their were 2 tellers and no one they were helping. After 5 minutes I was called for help. I told the teller I needed a few personal checks to pay taxes. He responded that they didn't print personal checks. I explained that the only way to pay for some items is by a check and that for over the last year I had come into this branch and had less than 6 personal checks printed when needed. I had chosen not to waste paper and resources for a box of checks that would rarely ever be used. His response is that he had printed me a check last month and didn't see the need to help me now.
Wow! I was floored. I explained again I needed a few checks to pay my taxes. He told me to sit down as he would print a check, while ordering me a box of checks.
I sat and again about 5 minutes later he handed me one check. I stated once again that I needed to pay taxes: state, federal and tax person. He returned to desk and took 5 more minutes to print 2 more checks, then hand over to me. Of course he closed with "have a good day".
Really! We are the customer and we should be served in a timely manner with out an attitude. I had such good experience with using USAA banking over the last year. However the dynamic to us my local branch has changed. I have never been asked to sit and wait for when tellers what to do some work, then given an attitude just because a ATM can not solve my current need. Something needs to change. This branch is not representing this institution as all there adds and past have.


Buy a box of checks. Why waste all this time to go pick up 3 checks? Ten bucks for checks would have saved the time for the post and getting the tax checks from the branch. Find a real issue to complain about but I see where this complaint originates from and it makes total sense.

The banking and loan side of USAA is a total joke.  Do yourselves a favor and shop around for other credit unions.  USAA takes advantage of your loyalties and they have horrendous customer service. 

First and foremost, when did USAA open a branch in Oceanside, CA? Are you sure it wasn't Navy Federal? Second of all, they don't like printing temp checks more than once. The first time I can understand but after that you should've ordered a box. No reason to complain there.