I may not be the only one who feels this way, be I have to let others know. I hope nobody has to go through what I am. I have been a USAA customer for 21 years. This is the first time I had to file a claim. I have made 3 calls to the claims adjuster only to get voice mail. That's OK, but I can't get her to call me back and the accident was a week and a half ago. This really is worthless customer service. Guess its time to go back to Allstate where I would be in good hands.


As a USAA customer who works for another large insurance company, I have to defend this claims adjuster whose timeliness has upset you. Claims departments for almost every large carrier have suffered the greatest impact in terms of lack of manpower. It is a shame I agree, put these folks gets claims crammed down their throats day in and day out with expectations to handle sometimes 60-70 claims all at once. I am an underwriter but have several friends in claims that have a hard time with separating work with their home lives. All I am saying is please don't base this experience as overall USAA claims service as I have personally gotten superior claims handling in the past. Companies are overworking claims adjusters and should hire more folks to help share the work load.

Reading Bobcriss88's comments takes me back when I was a middle manager in claims for a large personal lines insurance company.  I too worked as an adjuster for 11 years before being promoted to management.  There were times I let some one down and did not meet their expectations.  Bobcriss88's experience is not typical and totally unacceptable.  He should ask to speak to some one in management about the neglect he is experiencing.  Communication is paramount to keeping customers.  I am sure USAA's claim service has policies that include prompt return calls the same day if not the next day....Gillybob

My experience has been quite the opposite from bobchriss88.   In the 45 years that I have been a USAA member, I have filed half a dozen claims with the company.  All were handled with total professionalism in lightning speed.  I can only assume that bobchriss88 got the one bad or overworked apple in the barrel. ~ Steve Simpson 

We have had several claims- most due to others actions, thankfully- we have always received excellent results. I do believe "FICO" posting is accurate as most companies are doing more with less resources. Hope you get situation resolved!
Did you call and tell them you are having problems with the adjuster? That may get you results. Posting on board probably won't.
BobChris88 my post got blocked by USAA check out article by American for justice called "tricks of the Trade. How ins co deny, delay, confuse and refuse. Carolburdge@aol.com
BobChris88 from CarolBurdge@aol.com
USAA would not return my calls. A complaint just got me another rep who didn't return my call. Lied to me about a non-existent law in NC that they were not reppsponsible for anymore than $5,000 on a $29,000 claim. Challenge everything they say and do your homework.