USAA raised my rate $120.00 more a year for no reason. This is totally unfair and should retracted. I cannot recommend USAA BECAUSE OF THIS RIP OFF!


Homeowners, automobile?


What did they raise your rates on? How's your credit score? Have you made many/any claims?


Lot's of factors go into rate increases and sometimes it's just plain greed on the ins co's part.


You can shop around if you'd like, but my expereince has been that USAA beats them all on pricing.

Auto, USAA contacted me and explained that the first payment at renewal includes FL Hurricane ripoff fee (thx ExGov. Christ) and that it was a one time fee of $7 at each renewal for a total of $14 over charge a year. And that USAA gave themselves a $3 a month raise, For a gross over charge of $36 a year more. Assuming the CEOs coke habit is costing the company money.