Life is already hectic when you're a mother and a wife, but it can be even more hectic when your husband's deployed or away for long periods of time for training or schooling. We've been fortunate enough to make it through many of the difficult times with the Army, but tough times are still ahead of us. My husband is currently a veteran, using his GI Bill to fulfill his dream of becoming a college graduate. We are again separated by a few too many time zones, but what has made it easier is the ability to communicate on a daily basis, and that includes our bank. We came from a credit union that my husband had been a member at for years, around ten to be exact, but slowly we had been debating on switching to USAA. My husband had insurance through USAA prior and was very pleased with the customer service as his schedule was often not 9-5. It wasn't until our credit union merged, shutting down for a weekend that we said, "that's it, we're switching!" It's one of the best things we've done. It's so wonderful to have a bank that understands the military world. One can never fully grasp what the life is really like until you've lived it, but they sure do try, and succeed rather well. Recently we needed a loan to make a purchase for my husband.Even through he's far from me, the process of getting the loan through USAA was as if he was right next to me, like we were doing it together. That's huge, the feeling of being with my husband, my best friend. It's often that we find ourselves conversing about USAA, mentioning, "it's so cool that they get our situation, that we don't have to sit there and explain everything to them (i.e. BAH) etc." Now days we have a checking and savings accounts, insurance, credit cards, and now a loan through USAA. As well, we use web bill pay, and take advantage of the free nationwide ATMs. Soon, accounts for our children. I've never had a rude person on the phone when I've needed help, and though no one is perfect, I can honestly say that I don't have a bad thing to say about USAA. Thank You USAA for making life just a little less hectic, and for taking the time to care about American's brave. My husband is my entire world, and knowing that you consider him special makes me a happy woman.


I also recently have taken on more contact with USAA with the death of my husband. He worked @ uSAA for 25 years before retiring and I agree that the representatives I've worked with so far have been the most pleasant informative caring personnel I have ever had the pleasure to do business with during a difficult adjustment for me. I can't say enough good things about USAA