Recently diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, I went in to have Micrographic Surgery at UCLA Dermatology in Santa Monica. During the procedure, my surgeon and I discovered through conversation that we were both USAA members and that his grandfather founded USAA.


I am now officially considering getting a USAA tattoo. I don't like tattoos, but my commitment to USAA has been cemented for life. Is there a way that I can mass email everyone I've ever met so that they can check their eligibility? I can honestly say that this one experience made my surgery easier, calmed my nerves, and tickled my History major brain.


I thought of something fun and for my future. When I propose to a woman to be my wife (hopefully someday) one of my questions will be "would you like to Join USAA?"


I'm absolutely speechless reading your post! Dealing with a situation like that is a life-changing experience, so the fact that we could make it a tad easier is amazing. As far as the future proposal, that will definitely be one to remember. Keep us posted!



I'm so sorry, and hope your treatment is sucessful. Perhaps you could arrange to propose in front of USAA headquarters in San Antonio? :)

iII guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it... The right girl needs to find me, first

When you get there, let us know and we'll help make it happen! You mentioned spreading the word about USAA. What if we created special cards for members of this community that you could hand out to folks?


I'm IN! I always want to help people join USAA but I basically need an app or something on my iPhone to help them check their eligibility...