This is the worst institution ever. For an organization that boasts "for military by military" along with other military themes and etc. etc.. is exactly that. Not a whole lot different then recruiting commercials: A whole lot of promises and flashy jargon that they don't deliever but use it as a good punch line. I can't even think of a proper word to describe these people. So, upon my return from Afghanistan, whether whole, mangled or half dead, I'm killing my membership. Hopefully, I'm the only one that's having a bad experience.


Takeout...While your post was full of emotion and I am quite sure full of meaning to you, it doesn't mean much to anyone else...without examples. What exactly did USAA do to you? Better yet, what didn't they do? I won’t drone on about how great they are or how bad I feel they may be, but I would like to hear what makes them "...the worst institution ever." How was USAA the same as a recruiting add for the military? Did they sell you a service that didn’t pan out? Also, you’ve been a member for 3 years, when did USAA start going downhill, from the start…recently? Please don't think I'm trying to berate you or tell you you're wrong, just curious as to what the deal is with USAA. Lastly, thanks for your sacrifice of protecting our country. From one active guy to another, stay safe and come home soon.
You don't really say what happened? Been w/them for over 15 yrs, used their home & Car insurance (have filed multiple claims for various things to include vehicles totalled (and we were found at fault), and earthquakes, etc. Also used them for their investments, loans, kids checking accounts, etc and absolutely love them.
First, let me express my genuine surprise to your negative diatribe about USAA. I'm sorry you had a such bad experience with USAA but, since you don't go into detail about your bad experience, I can only surmise you weren't a member in good standing. You probably abused your membership previleges, i. e. overdraft, not paying bills, etc. Furthermore, you sound like a person who is entitled and world owes you things you didn't earn. Far as I'm concerned, USAA is the best company in USA or for that matter, entire world. Ihave been a USAA member for 33 years and USAA has come through for me from credit cards, to life insurance and much more. You should reconsider your position about USAA.
I too had a horrible, horrible experience trying to open a checking account. Apparently, my comlication was due in part to working in a state other than the one in which I have a permanent residence. My auto insurance, however, has been nothing less than extraordinary. And now that my banking issues have been sorted out (FINALLY), I have no complaints with that department at all.

I can agree, I'm a long time member and no longer trust USAA.  Do yourselves a favor and read the small print on what they can do to you and your money.  If you need them, don't rely on their help.  Insurance is fine with them, the banking side is TERRIBLE.