It was about 2 weeks ago during mid January, thats when I started to slow down on my purchases online when I am currently deployed. Noticed an article about fraud/scams and tips how to avoid it. Just read through the articles and decided I better check my statements and before you know it, I noticed 3 unauthorized charges made on my card. I'm deployed and forms of communication is limited I thought it was going to be a nightmare reporting it to USAA. Amazingly it was a painless process, e-mailed them my issue and they responded in a day. Sent me another e-mail and ways to authorized the investigation and if the options wasn't an option I can e-mail them my name typed as my signature giving them permission. It was that SIMPLE and I had my money back within a week and am now awaiting my new card being sent to me in a combat zone. I know for a fact other companies will expect me to fax and send them paperwork and junk for claims but obviously I do not have that luxury over here. God bless USAA for taking care of me in a timely manner without putting me through the hassle of getting help in the first place. You guys truly understand and look out for us no matter where we are and what problems we have. Probably provide air support if I asked for it, ahah just kidding. I'm definitely being more careful on online purchases, it has never been an issue or occurred to me that I could have my card compromised and USAA took care of me quick and professional. All I can sum up is, USAA is helpful and simple when it comes to doing business and they get straight to the POINT!. Thank you and I know my funds are safe with you and that's one less thing off my mind and more focus on my deployment. Semper FI USAA!