I just bought USAA car insurance and was approved for a new car loan as a first time buyer. Yesterday I went to the dealership with everything in place and ready to go- all that was left was hashing out was dealer extras I wanted (roof rack, running boards, etc) and signing the papers. The USAA loan would cover most of it and I would pay the difference (which wasn't much and mostly dependent on how many extras I tacked on).


The car salesman started running me in circles with extra papers "I needed" and didn't have, that my cosigner (I  have no credit history) had to be present, and even wanted me to fill out another credit application with the dealership saying it was just company policy to keep general info on file but that it wouldn't be processed (although it was clearly stated and MARKED that I was applying for credit and a credit check). The sales rep asked me to call USAA about faxing a copy of the loan policy. I called and explained all this and more of what the dealership was telling me. I was confused, overwhelmed and felt like I was being scammed big time. I handed the sales rep the phone and USAA took care of it. Suddenly, all the ambiguous paperwork wasn't needed anymore. I made the mistake of going alone to the car dealership as a younger, unmarried female who was an admitted firsttime buyer but having USAA in my corner, advocating for me was HUGE.


I realize USAA is looking to do business like anyone else and didn't want to lose mine (insurance and loan) by my getting upset with car dealership scams, but I've gotten only generous patience and diligent overwatch from USAA. I haven't had any claims or reasons to make issue with the bank yet, but I'm very impressed with the service I've received so far. They definitely go above and beyond.


I have had car insurance with USAA for 44 years and do not have any tickets or major accidents in my record and I cannot get a quote for my insurance for my renewal.  I am happy for you but after a while, USAA will drop the ball and try to get rid of old customers as you will find out after they get all your money.  They are more than $400/yr more expensive on home owners insurance than their competitors.