I recently purchased a car with an auto loan financed through USAA. When speaking on the phone with the dealer to work out final steps for payment and wiring of the loan amount to the dealer they were skeptical on the electronic check method, but when I mentioned USAA's name they immediately retracted their statements and said they were more than happy to accept the electronic check method from USAA. They said they had dealt with USAA before and they (USAA) made the experience painless for them (the dealer). In fact, USAA is the only bank they accept the electronic funds transfer from, simply because USAA makes it so easy for them. They had dealt with USAA for a handful of loans over the years, and had heard nothing but great things from members and had great experiences themselves. Once again, the USAA amazes me by providing a level of service that even a small dealer in the middle of a farm field in Wisconsin knows who they are and are happy to do business with them again. Thank you USAA for holding yourself to such high standards that you are universally recognized for them.