So to day I was contacted by all state, the mrs. That had called asked if I was who I am, and if I could answer a couple of questions about my insurance., I respond " yes of course ". She asked if I had insurance for home owners and Or auto, I responded" yes,". Then she followed with " what company do you carry these policies with?". I said "USAA ",.... the agent responded with " thank you for your service, I mean if you where the one that was able to get that for you family". I said thank you and yes I am"...... she went on on How her younger brother is now in the NG and that the is now with USAA, and how he has changed after basic and the small talk wen on for about two minutes, at which this point I asked if we where going to get to "the insurance questions", she replied " no point, but thank you for your time this evening"...... guess she knew I wouldn't switch....93% thank you USAA




That's wonderful to hear! We are fortunate to have members like yourself, and truly appreciate your loyalty and membership with us. Thanks for making our evening. -Paula



I get the same thing all the time!!