USAA takes advantage of disabled vets, DON’T TRUST THEM!!!!


After 2 years of doing everything I was asked to do the C.E.O.s got involved when I asked for help. I have been lied to and ignored by USAA for 2 years and have been made to pay 2 times what I am suppose to. Not to mention the cost for multiple copies and travel and still the problem is not fixed. Now I’m told by the C.E.O.s assistance that hey you just have to deal with it and you can’t start all over this year and try to fix our mistake. I now have to find a lawyer and take them to court, like they care! They can spend more on 1 lawyer then I make in a year. They trade on the honor and duty that us in the military use as the back bone for who we want to be saying that they are there with us in the fox holes and front lines, but when there company ignores and just push’s you from one agent to the other so you can’t get anybody to help or has any idea of what to do until you get hung up on they are just another company using whatever advertisement will get them the most business. I am sick that they can use there lies that they are there for the military personal. The office of the C.E.O. and its assistance has proven that they could care less about the customers unless it will hurt their business. Do like I am, post letters at as many PXs as you can and contact the news and tell your story. Make sure you check on the disabled veterans because they are probably being taken advantage of. As usual the people talking the most about how the will have your back are the ones that are the first to cut and run, and leave you hanging. Actions speak louder then words!!!!



I might take your post seriously if I could actually understand what your complaint was, or if I could even follow your story for that matter. Learn to use elementary punctuation and grammar skills before you go bashing a business. I can't even determine the point of your post.

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