I have been with USAA for over 15years and thank god I have never really had to use them other then an occasional tow or maybe 2 broken front windows in the entire 15 plus years! Now I ffind myself looking for a new insurance company. USAA has double dipped in my account not once but twice this year due to computer errors. Now again I am on the phone trying to get them to pay my banks NSF and return the money. To much of a headache and they act like they are doing me a favor when it was there mistake. I am sooooooo over this company and there employees!


Wow. I have Never had any problem. I love the insurance services. I like USAA and recommand to others. Sorry u hv had problems. Stay with them. Just sayin. Good luck!
I myself had the same issue along with their high expensive insurance rate in Florida. Urghhhh
I have been with USAA a.most 50 years and the service has always been professional and courteous. The customer service reps have do e whatever necessar5 to take care of whatever my concerns were. Insofar as Florida is concerned, I can easily understand why premiums are hign - the disasters that result in huge claims have to be paid for and those that live in high claim areas need to do the paying. If I .ived in such an area I would consider either renting or self insuring.

Email to USAA is useless, so I'm sharing it with the public instead.. Not that it surprises me at this point, but I figured I should point out that it "ought" to be illegal for USAA to continue to hit service members with maintenance calls, all while you also deny them access or even to be able to see their account. The suggestion USAA "serves" anyone other than themselves is profoundly grotesque. 

-Background here:  I wasn't allowed to transfer funds electronically from a USAA account, TO a USAA account, because it wouldn't be "recognized" and credited to the account "in time"..  I was forced to do a "wire" transfer instead, involving operators, and human input, to transfer my funds..  THEY INPUT the WRONG information.  My transfer that THEY wire "assisted" with, FAILED..  No one informed me there was any problem with the transfer..  No one told me they were about to sell off my account, even though they could see in notes that I'd ATTEMPTED to move necessary funds.  USAA sold off from my brokerage account, (in a manner against their policy of "top to bottom") and created a REALIZED loss of over 17 thousand dollars, (because the "wire" transfer THEY did, for $388, FAILED).  THEN, when I want them to FIX the problem THEY created, they DROP me as a customer.  What that MEANS is I'm not able to SEE or INTERACT with my account directly, WHILE they're hitting me with "maintenance calls".  How can that possibly be legal?

Hi rodthebod72,

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I have sent your comment over to our banking department for further investigation and review. Thank you for posting here in the community.