USAA sucks as an overall business. Banking wise and insurance wise. The people who work for this company don't do anything to help when you call. Why is this business still open??


I joined USAA over 50 years ago - 1960. They provided insurance - auto, household,life -for me on two European assignments and two Far East assignments as well as six stateside locations. Their claim service was everything I could have wanted. After the old Kelly Field bank was sold I switched my banking to USAA: checking, savings, CDs. Periodically I check rates and must say I am well satisfied with with what USAA provides - including service. That is why USAA is able to continue in business. Thanks USAA.

My husband and I have been with USAA for about 8 years and I can promise you there is no better banking facility out there. They are so helpful anytime we call and I needed a loan after my husband was deployed and I swear they had an answer to whether or not I was approved in like 30 seconds and I was approved. What a relief to know that someone out there cares for you as a person and is there for our military men and women and veterans. Thank you USAA for being the best in your field. : )

I'm satisfied with USAA services. I have been with them approximately 15 years. I have tried other banking institutions but none compared to USAA. Even when I tell people I have USAA car insurance the responses are "You have the cadillac of all the car insurances out there! "

Thanks for your feedback everyone! We truly appreciate your membership and your loyalty. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line if we can be of assistance in the future.


melodymusic: I'm not sure of the details surrounding your situation, but truly hope we can do something to turn things around. We strive to provide excellent service to our members (because that's what you deserve), but it sounds like we may have missed the mark in your case. Please use this link to tell us more about what happened and a member of the team will contact you to discuss.

I joined USAA in 1998.  I've banked with Navy Federal, BOA, Wells Fargo, and Citizens in the past. USAA has never provided less than outstanding service to me and my family.  They are always at the leading edge of tech.  and are generous with their returning of funds to memebers through subcriber saving accounts, ATM fees, and cash back credit cards.  Other banks just don't measure up. 


With regard to insurance USAA has consistantly been been at the top of the list along with civilian provider Ameica Mutual for quality and value of service.

I've been with USAA for about 12 years now and have never had a negative experience. The customer service is superior, the customer service representatives are always friendly and if I have a question they do not know the answer to, they will find out while I'm on the phone. No other banking institution compares or even comes close. I love USAA! They're phenomenal.

USAA has taken care of my family for over 30 years.  We've lived through a horrific car accident, a fire, and a flood.  USAA always took care of us in ways that at times amazed us.  I'll never even consider another insurance company.  We also have done our banking with USAA for over a decade.  We love the ATM reimbursement, the way they let us deposit checks using any computer and our smart phones, and the ease of using the USAA banking and investment website.

Hello, Just want to thanks USAA for being the best  banking institution that I have ever experienced.