I have been a proud USAA member for 21 years now and have always been their number one fan, until now that is.


After 10+ years of no accidents and only 1 speeding ticket in over 4 years, I was involved in a fender bender in Dec 2013 ---it was deemed my fault by USAA (not by the police, it was considered no fault) and they paid out $3400 to fix my car - there was no damage to the other car. So, what do you think happened after my years of loyalty and good history, they DOUBLED my auto insurance premiums.


When I called USAA about this increase (after I picked my heart up off of the floor), I was told that it was because I lived in the state of North Carolina and no other explanation given. The rep was completely unhelpful. After I started crying, I hung up and waited a few hours to compose myself before calling back. This time, the rep told me that due to NC's rate bureau, my auto insurance rates are calculated and increased $100 for every $1000 they had to pay out on my accident and that I would be penalized for this for 3 years ... WHAT?!?! This is ridiculous based on my years of loyalty and good driving history. I explained that while NC sets my rates, USAA sets my premiums and can something be done. Their answer, you guessed it, NO. I am being penalized simply because I live in the state of North Carolina and will continue to be penalized for 3 years. 


It just surprises me that USAA is advertising themselves as a people's insurance company full of loyalty and pride for its members ... I think not. I am so disappointed with USAA and their lack of loyalty. My rates have doubled and now I must struggle even more to make ends meet. Thanks a lot USAA. 


While I will continue to be a USAA member, I will no longer speak highly of them or their services.




If that's how USA calculates it I would hate to see how any other company would.
I live outside Tampa Florida have been a Usaa member for 30 years my wife and I both have excellent driving records and I received a increase of a couple hundred dollars on my insurance policy and I called around and farmers was able to quote me a price $600 cheaper for the exact same policy I asked Usaa why they were increasing my policy with my driving record and they said that it was because they were increasing everyone's record they told me that there was no way I could get the same policy for $600 cheaper finally I just said okay thank you and I am done with you forever two months later my son took my car and had an accident and I'm happy to say that there was no increase on my insurance the following policy renewal so thank you Usaa for doing me a huge favor
Is the same reason I no longer insure my car with USAA...I found out about 10 years ago that Liberty Mutual was cheaper by several hundred dollars than USAA. Same for my homeowners insurance. All of these horror stories seemed to start when USAA open membership to just about anyone....