1st- What do all you new-comers know about USAA? I have been with them for over 50 years! I have all my Family, Insurances & Investments with them. So far, I have pretty sucessful in Life.(At age 87)I never had any problem. When I Call with a need- of any sort, within a few minutes, they have an Answer. They have the most knowledgable personnel any organization I know. I plan to stay another 50 years, if I canpossible! Uncle V


@Uncle V, We appreciate your kind words. Your loyalty over the past 50+ years means the world to us. Thank you for sharing the legacy of USAA membership with your family. It's our pleasure to serve you and your family! ~DC

@UncleV - I have been with USAA for about 35 years, my parents for 57 years.  Please read my post about Powers of Attorneys.    I loved USAA back in the day, but now almost every phone call is an exercise in patience and then frustration.  At this stage of the game, I don't have much patience and more importantly, I don't have the luxury of time to just WAIT for USAA to figure it out.   I really thought USAA was for the military, but if they can't help those members who helped make this organization strong (that would be members like you and my dad) then what is USAA's purpose other than to be like any other cookie cutter bank or insurance company.  



     Just a bit frustrated right now, been at this process for much longer than necessary

Hello @NSueZ, we are here to help with your concerns. Please see my response to your additional post. Thank you. --Paula

Why would ask if you're planning to stay? That's absolutely ignorant and a waste of time. No matter what a person says, you're sticking with USAA. What very dumb thing to do.