A few years ago I was living overseas and every once in a while (when I had no choice) I would use a local ATM machine.  

USAA used to reimburse ATM fees for international withdrawls.  Coincidentally, after the thrid time I did this, I received an email from USAA stating they were no longer going to do this.

Recently I've made a coule of international wire transfer to my wife in Thailand.  Once again, after the third time I've done this, I get an email from USAA stating that international wire transfer fees have increased from $25.00 to $45.00


Coincidence?  I think not.  USAA's policy seems to now be: "We have great services unitl you use them, then we take them away from you.  

I'd be interested to know if that increase in fees is just for me, or across the board.  Sorry, but I call BS.  

Thanks for nothing USAA, I might as well go back to Bank of Amerika.  At least I KNOW that I mean nothing to them.



I'm fairly certain that is just across the board. I received a letter in the mail today advising me that international wire transfer fees would be increasing. I've never once made a wire transfer, within the country or internationally. 

Interesting that they don't just come out and post that the fee is now $45.  They show two fees, one of $20 and one of $25.  Are they trying to make us believe that we get charged only one or the other rather than both?