My brother was stationed in Oklahoma and talked to me about joining USAA after I had complained (more than he cared to hear, I'm sure) about my local bank. I took his advice and was able to start a checking and savings account, transfer my auto insurance, and even sign up my fiance. It was seamless, fast, and easy. My brother has since passed away, and although I miss him terribly, I'm thankful for his service and what he was able to provide my family and me. Thank you, USAA for always being there. Like my brother, you make me feel safe and protected.


My son is stationed in Great Lakes and he and I share an account at local bank (local for him) and I had my own account, I guess he was tired of me complaing about new rules at that bank and had me sign up for a USAA account it went super easy as I was already in the system as he had authorized me to talk to them in case of problems when he was overseas a few years ago. My soon to be old bank takes any where from 4 to 6 days (if it includes a weekend or holiday) to transfer monies from my main account (due to daughter and son in law needing a local bank this is not the bank I complained about) however USAA when I request a transfer from that bank to them it is done that day.