USAA has failed to uphold its mission of helping secure its members financial security and being there for every member when they need them. I was forced into bankruptcy due to a business downturn, and even though I paid all billed on time and reaffirmed debts with usaa they still coded me so I can not even open a savings account!! I have since married and have a child on the way, we both work for the government now and want investment accounts and would like to have joint accounts with usaa and even start an account for our new child but USAA refuses to help us. I have since got a credit card and new car loan with another bank and have been rebuilding my credit but USAA refuses to help us as members to resecure our financial future. USAA is a business and do not care about their members. And they claim they want to "help members" and teach there reps to make referrals, but it's only to build more business and that's all try care about. The quality of usaa has dropped over the years. Unfortunately because of their policy for people who have experienced bankruptcy, our usaa legacy will end with me and we will not be opening accounts for my wife or our kids. I have since cancelled my auto insurance with usaa and refinanced my car with another bank and have began banking with Chase. I will soon be closing my checking accounts with USAA as well.