USAA moe interested in the company than their members

A car loan rate of 8.49 when Carmax is 3.9?  Really?  And given the expected corporate response about USAA looks at this and that.  Really?  Is that all I get?  CarMax is looking at the same things and considered me a better risk than you did.  Very disappointing to me.  My rating of USAA has plummeted and I will surely encourage others to look elsewhere for assistance.  Glad to have companies like CarMax whose processes are more in touch with the borrowers than just looking at numbers.  I have investments and checking with USAA that I now have genuine concern about continuing.  YOU'RE MORE INTERESTED IN YOUR COMPANY THAN YOU ARE YOUR MEMBERS.  After 40 years it's very sad to me.  Guess I know what I need to do.


Yup, been there done that! Many phone calls to USAA about their auto loan rates. We were trying to get the lowest rate possible based on an excellent credit rating & the fact that we had quite a bit of money stashed away in a USAA brokerage accounts. I was prepared to close all accounts at USAA because the Auto Loan folks were.....well....INEPT. USAA finally offered the rate I was expecting from the start but, I doubt I'll be as patient next time. Good luck dealing with them.

If you are not happy with them then I suggest you learn a few valuable things. You can easily take your business somewhere else that will offer you the best rate and save the most money. However, my best suggestion to you is to buy a used car with money saved rather than finance at all. Vehicles are not investments. Yes you need them to get to work or run errands, but look at the bigger picture. All those individuals who spend an arm and a leg on car, truck, or etc and finance them rather than buying what they can afford are just playing into the game set by social norms. I suggest you think about how much they depreciate in value over time and the cost of maintenance it requires to keep them operational. Now a home is something worth financing and investing in. Know the difference between a want vs need. I want a porsche but I can only afford a ford or toyota. I need something to get me to work an back, as well as to run my errands. If you are looking for a good place to finance an auto, may I suggest a local credit union. They usually offer better incentives and much lower APR. I myself made a bad deciion a long time ago and did finance on a vehicle. However I am happy to say that I had it all with USAA, along with my insurance, banking, college savings, etc... I have never once had any issue with them. Good Luck to you and i hope you make a financially intelligent decision.