USAA offers certain members perks bonuses and cash back options purly based on where they live...a little unusual for a company that caters to military. If you cannot offer cash back rewards to all memebers, is it appropriate to offer it to only a few who have the luck of being stationed in the correct state? I have been with USAA almost 30 years ...and I am looking for a new home. We all belong to same club. We all deserve to have access to same benefits!


30yrs - We appreciate the feedback. Your comments will help us improve future product and service offerings. - Jason

well at least they didn't suddenly close your account and send you an email 5 days later telling you the did so, like they just did to me.

Hello @unko, I am very sorry to hear of this situation with your account. I have forwarded your feedback to a subject matter to review further. -Colleen