After I Posted about Humanna, I started reading other posts and had to add one more of my own.  It used to be that if you told another insurance agent that you had USAA they just turned and left you alone.  Not any more.  WHen all of our children turned 18 we signed them up for USAA as well.  They all had their own policies on cars and rental insurance when they went to college.  We have 4 children and 3 of them have no USAA insurcane now at all.  NONE.  Why?  becuse they go the same level of insurance or better for less money.  My one son went out and found a cheaper policy, by quite a bit, came back to USAA and told them and said he wanted to stay with USAA could they match it.  They said NO and went on to lecture him about other companies.  So right there on the spot the told them to cancel all his insurance every last policy. My one child has a minor policy only and then when she moves she won't use you again


My own pulling away has been over several things

1.  the cost of my home insurance has gone out of sight, I probably won't keep it much longer,  I understand hail damage, but why gouge me over all the rest?

2. I tried to refinace my new home of 4 years and lower the interest rate.  After USAA got through lowering my rate by quite a bit, my monthly payment went up $200 a month over all the fees and those fees were the highest of any one out there.  I went back to where my loan was, they did a reduction and I saved $500 a month instead of a $200 a month increase. 


Car insurance is high, the last time I tried to check on claim it was like asking OBama to cancel Obamacare.  NO way.  It is just getting to be too much hassle to stay with USAA.  What a shame, It was once the King of the Hill but now it is just a business and not as good of one. 


USAA I hope you read these comments before it gets too late, as so many of our friends are just like me.  you are losing us, I gues that is why you are advertising for more to take out place.  sorry but It is hard to support you any more.


I did about the same as you for the last year. 2 car claims, a new roof due to hail and I refinanced my home and car. EVERYTHING went very well and I was very pleased. USAAs customer service is exemplary! If your kids went to other companies, I bet the service they get there is minimal if any at all. The grass stays green on this side as long as you feed n water it. I doubt the grass is very green outside USAA.
Totally agree with Swartzy on the auto policies. Every few years I check with the competition to ensure USAA is really looking after me, and they weren't. Priced a Geico policy, same coverages but a whopping 62% less. This was for three vehicles, no claims. Needless to say, I dropped USAA auto insurance. Rechecked USAA last week, USAA is still 22% more.