I’m hoping for some commiseration. Every time I deal with USAA (specifically around car insurance—claims, reimbursement, roadside assistance), I can expect to block out 2-3 hours for the process. I just had to call and call back around 10 times to deal with a simple vehicle lockout.

First, the tow company USAA contracted to unlock my car was an hour away—fine, I’ll wait. I called the tow company after 40 minutes just to make sure the ball was rolling, and was told USAA had immediately cancelled the dispatch as soon as they made it. I was never informed of this. If I hadn’t called the tow company to check, I’d still be waiting. SO I asked USAA to make another arrangement. After about a half hour of waiting to see which tow company they’ve found, I finally have to call in to get an update—turns out arrangements HAD been made, and this provider was also an hour away. I’d now been waiting well over an hour. I cancelled that claim, called a local locksmith and had my car open within 20 minutes.

Then it was time to make a claim for reimbursement for that locksmith service. It took 2 phone calls with 3 different departments to learn that the refund department was closed. I was actually about 10 minutes into a phone call WITH the automated refund line, before that line was interrupted mid-sentence saying that the department was closed, and it hung up. Well, I called back to find out the hours for the department, and again after speaking to two departments, someone gave me that information off the top of their head (she couldn’t actually find the answer anywhere in her resources).

So I’m going to call Monday, and hope for a reimbursement. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable tangle of nonsense I’ll probably have to deal with during THAT process.

During my final phone call tonight, I asked for some kind of direct feedback or complaints line. Again the representative had to DIG to find this information, and directed me to a number. That turned out to be a cursory 3-question y/n automated survey. The very best channel of feedback that USAA has to offer its customers is a 1-minute-long automated survey.

I pay $145 a month for my coverage. What we’re all really buying with insurance is peace of mind and convenience, both of which USAA fails to deliver on every time I deal with them. They fail me on a policy level, on a customer service level, and apparently they fail their employees too, because every phone call becomes a ping-pong match of transfers as each representative seems to be given the bare minimum information necessary to do her or his limited role. The level of micromanagement it takes to get even the simplest thing done continually dumbfounds me. I can’t properly express how frustrating and inadequate I’ve found USAA’s service to be.

If I’m making this post in the wrong place—moderators, or whoever, please tell me where I can direct my feedback.


Get a quote from GEICO, you can get same coverage with lower deductibles at a far reduced cost. I saved $400 and have a lower deductible. It pays to shop around.
Thanks, I’ll look into Geico. I’d already made up my mind to leave USAA, partially because you hope voting with your wallet will have some effect on changing how a sh1tty company operates. The aim of this post was to amplify that effect.

@ejh1791, thank you for expressing your concerns. I understand and are sorry to hear we disappointed you. I see that your concerns were escalated over the weekend.  Please allow 1-3 business day for a response from a claims specialist. - Ina