USAA is the BEST!

I first found out about USAA from a fellow spouse in Germany upon our return to the US. She suggested we get renters insurance (which we knew nothing about). From that first call to USAA until now I still have to call and thank her. USAA is so much more than a bank to us, it is our financial best friend. That first call was 7yrs ago and we now use USAA for most all of our financials; mortgage and home equity loans, all our auto loans, credit cards, bank accounts, childrens bank accounts, life, auto, homeowners and personal property insurances, and man are they helpful when it comes to deployment assistance. When we thought it could get no better(I refer them at least 10 times a day), they came out with the new money manager. This feature is so awesome, it's exactly what was needed and done so perfectly. Thank You USAA! USAA is truly the BEST!
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