Notice to all USAA members who possess an Asset Management account.    If you have any direct deposits with USAA asset management account.  BEWARE.   For over a decade as a member, I have always been able to do internal transfers with no holds.   Now all of the sudden without notice and any legititmate right, USAA decides to "BLOCK" my ability to transfer MY MONEY which isn't tied to any market shares.    This money is just sitting in my account with no reasonable explanation of being on hold from any internal transfers.   If USAA decides to go forward with this NEW policy.  I am closing my account asap.   And moving on to another bank that doesn't play this game of making money off my money.    

Everyone knows that banks hold money to profit of the interest of other people's money.   If I decide to buy market shares, then this is justifiable.   If not.   USAA possesses no right to hold my money.   



USAA what is going with your great customer service?  These changes will causes your bank to lose long term loyal clients if you decide to hold people's money with no justifiable right to do so.     It is your choice to do the right thing or the contrary.