11 years wasted

I have had many issues with USAA. The latest being that I canceled insurance coverage with them, because they are no longer the cheapest or provide any service as they used to,  requested the funds be put directly into my USAA checking account. They did not do this and sent me a check. I deposited this check from USAA into my USAA checking account and they put a hold on my account for 7 days. It turns out that USAA does not use USAA for a bank. The check that USAA wrote me was drawn on Bank of America. i now assume that USAA does not use their own bank becuase they are not customer freindly and there is no one employed that can overule a computer.   Bank of America says that they have processed this check and USAA has the funds but they will not take my hold off. This has caused me many problems because I was expecting that money to be directly deposited into my account. I do not think it is legal for and institution to hold a check for longer than two days if it is from them? Or if funds have been collected. My hold will come off within a few days but the damage is done.  If you are thinking of using USAA please do not for your sake.  It is true that they used to be a wonderful company but now all they can do is explain how the computer algorithms are treating you, and you already no it is not good.  So if you have a problem get ready to talk to the "Executive Resolution Team" as they are called.  They have no direct phone number and do not resolve a thing matter of fact they only tell you that you are the problem with out helping a bit. On another occasion they locked my account down while at a resteraunt with nobody that can do anything about it on the phone. I had to walk out on the check and luckily they did not prosecute me.  Only becuse i could show them on my phone that the money was there and that my bank would not let me have it.    I have been a member for 11years with the first three or four being a good expericance but the latter is unimaginally horrible.  My father was a veteren and has used USAA for more than 40 years even represented them as a Lawyer employed by a big firm. He used to sing praises and now the first thing he says to me when I talk to him is have you got rid of USAA yet?  Hoping that I have.  


USAA is just not what they used to be.

I agree with you USAA is not close to being what it use to be back in 1963. Then it was only auto insurance with staff a very small fraction of what it is today. Today the staff has automation too. Later home owners insurance was added and service was still excellent. Then brokerage services was added and it struggled it's first few years. This was an indication that management could not handle the expansion without causing members problems, most of which through communication were corrected back then. Today with banking available to members i personally have experienced errors and mistakes one after another. Trying to reach management responsible for fixing process errors or mistakes is limited to " representatives of the CEO office" which has proven hopeless in all of the attempts i have made. One so called representative of ceo office refused to pass my request for a manager in banking to call me. When i then asked to speak to the CEO he laughed and refused that too.

A few years ago the wealth management group which had better trained representatives, were suddenly without notification to members using this group could no longer contact this group unless they had $1,000,000 in assets with usaa. No notification of this change was made before change occurred and no consideration of grand fathering members who were excluded was made .

Companies managing customer investments much larger than usaa, ie., fisher investment have $500,000 thresholds vs. $1,000,000. From a management perspective in private industry this would be considered a hugh blunder and the board would have stepped in to correct it. 

Today contract workers have been added to usaa work force with limited training which is apparent when you reach one of them. It has gotten so bad, I ask first before continuing, if the agent is employee or contract worker. Some of them lie.

Some serious changes are needed if USAA is ever going to be close to its past history.  Professional management from private industry may be the only answer. A fully independent board of directors again from private industry may also be required vs. those limited to military experience.



Thank you for sharing your concerns, @navy1963to1967active. I see we have forwarded them to the appropriate area and will send for additional review. If additional assistance is needed on your account at this immediate time, please call us at 1-800-531-8722 (USAA). Thank you for your membership. ~ Steven

I agree with your post but have come to the conclusion that USAA is just too far gone to ever revert back to what it used to be.  I would recommend leaving.  Everthing you experience with your new company will be better than USAA.