If you are coming off active duty think twice about using usaa as your primary bank. When I got out I assumed usaa would work best as I could do most of my banking online. This could not be farther from the truth.

It took longer than expected to get a full time law enforcement position. While waiting for that position I depleted my accounts. Once I was hired I delivered the final blow to my accounts moving into a rental home. Since then I have been trying to stay afloat financially without being able to save much money. Due to this USAA has decided to place holds on all checks I deposit for an average of 9 days. This has caused some uncomfortable times trying to balance bills between what feels like 4 pay period(I get paid on the 1st and the 16th, the hold almost half of each check for about 9 days). The final straw was when there was a $700 hold on my account and my automatic car payment was not authorized for payment by USAA. this was obviously a negative mark on my credit. unless something drastic happens with USAA policy I cannot risk using their banking services as my primary bank.

Just be careful and plan for unreasonably long hold of you plan on getting out where direct deposit is not always an option.