I became a member of USAA in 2009 when I was dealing with a hard move and being my age, it was hard to find an insurance company who would not only cover me, but also not charge me a gross amount per month to have that coverage. When I called USAA and got an amount that I had not expected at all I was thrilled! After a year of being with them, I have not only changed the car on my premium, but added a second one and a new driver; USAA has given me a deal I cannot believe and makes my life that much easier month to month in not having to worry about my car insurance bill. I also had USAA help me when a previous car that I was in the process of selling got stolen. They were very helpful in how to deal with it, and luckily the car was found. I am very happy to say I have found the insurance company for the rest of my life, and that they are a very honest, friendly, helpful company that treats me more like family than a client. Thank you USAA!