I have never been a fan of banks.  My experience with banks have been not very personal and you almost get the feeling that all they want is your money based on their outreagous fees.  They have never been there to assit me at all.  I very quickly took my business to credit unions.  At the credit union I was a member of for 27 years, I found the personnal service I needed and they were always there to assist me with loans and my banking needs.  I love my credit union so much that I even remained with them after moving 475 miles away.  Their service was so great that the distance didn't matter.  I was able to handle all my needs through the telephone.

I have been a member of USAA for approximately 15 years, but never took advantage of all their services since I was so happy with my credit union.

On 2005, I had a fire at my house and lucky for me I had my homeowner's insurance through USAA.  USAA took such good care of me during that fire that I actually started to feel guilty about all they were doing for me.  They coordinated everything from repairing my home, to cleaning and sanitizing all the curtains, clothes, my daughter's toys, etc...  They put me up at a hotel and were going to cover all the expenses associated with it.  As a said before I felt so guilty that I decided to stay at the local Air Force base for a fraction of what the hotel was going to charge.  All I could say is that my experience with USAA as far as homeowner's insurance was EXCELLENT and would highly recommend them.

I have always insured all my vehicles through USAA.  Again as far as vehicle insurance, I have found them to be very competitive with other insurance companies and my experiences with them have been great.  My daughters have benefited more than I as far as having claims and all I heard from them were praises as to how their claims were handle by USAA.

Recently, I purchase two vehicles.  When I purchase the first vehicle the dealer asked me if I was a member of USAA.  Well thank God I was because that membership gave me $750.00 discount.  For this purchase I was not aware of the buying car service provided by USAA.  I wanted to finance my vehicle through USAA, but they quoted me 1.69% for three years.  The dealer's bank offered me the same rate but for four or five years so I ended up going with them.  I later explain this to USAA and was advised that had I called them back they would have re-negotiated their rate to one that would have beat the dealer's bank.  Lesson learned.

For my second vehicle I utilized the buy car service from USAA.  After doing my very best negotiating with the dealer on my own I presented them with the certificate that I printed from USAA and was able to save an additional $800.00.  I also benefited from a better percentage rate of .89% because I puchased the vehicle from a dealer associated with USAA.  The dealer's bank couldn't touch the rate offered by USAA so I financed this vehicle through USAA.

Recently I decided to transfer all my banking to USAA.  Everytime I called them they treat me with respect, and I get the feeling that they are there to truly assist me.  So far my experience with them has been EXCELLENT.  I'm even trying to convince my wife to transfer her banking to USAA, but she is being stubborn. 

Just a month ago I received my homeowner's insurance bill for $1071.00.  Last week I noticed through my web banking that $1003.57 were going to be deduced from my account to cover my homeowner's insurance.  I called USAA to inquired as to the difference and they explained that because of the bank's profit they were sharing some of those profits with their members.  Wow.  When have you heard a bank do that. 

Again, so far my experience with USAA has been GREAT and I highly RECOMMEND them.


Considering I've only been with USAA for about a year they have exceeded my expectations from day one.