My credit card info got hacked some how(never lost my card) and within like 6 to 8 hrs I get a e-mail from USAA saying credit card fraud. I was like, I will look at it later probably just an ad. Well my card didn't work the next morning so I called up USAA to find out why. They told me someone tried to make a $330 purchase with my card the day before(which didn't go through for some reason) but had made a 42 dollar purchase the morning I called USAA that did go through.

It would have been at least 3 or more days before I personally would have checked my account online from unauthorized purchases. USAA got it way faster than I would have on my own.(Thank You USAA) and then on top of it they covered me for that unauthorized $42 purchase. (thank you again USAA), Money is tight for me right now in college so I am grateful USAA caught it real fast. And they took care of everything with just a one 15 minute phone call, Awesome customer service if you ask me, I have a million other things to worry about at the moment, so for them to make this mishap this easy to fix and get back on track, I had to write about it. I won't be looking for a new bank ever.


We know our members have a million other things to worry about besides the safety of their money—that's our job! Our team works hard to make sure we put a stop to those scammers before they do any serious damage, so it's awesome to know we were able to catch the fraud and take action quickly. 

If there's anything else we can help with (besides homework, of course), please don't hesitate to drop us a line. Thanks for sharing your story!