USAA helped us through the Hurricane

I called USAA up in the week after the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as we were reeling from lack of power. All of our perishables had been ruined by then and the closest store with power that could provide us replacements was two hours away. USAA immediately allocated us funds enough to reach that store and replace our neccessities. By immediately, I mean the money was there in the two hours it took to reach the store! USAA has never failed to provide us such ready assistance. That, and the representatives we talk to know where we're coming from, know what we're talking about, what we're dealing with. I don't have to explain what it means when I say we're "pcs-ing" or what I need when I indicate he's deploying again. Even when some other company promises the sun and moon, if only we'll switch over, I've shaken my head. USAA is our company, I respond every time.
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