After a hellish year of losing my job and our house things were finally starting to go right for us. To say thank you to my husband, a navy veteran who has sacrificed and worked long hours to get us through this hard time, my family and friends chipped in to get my husband a great Christmas present. I took odd jobs and worked mostly nights so most of the money was in cash. I went and got money orders and deposited them into my usaa account since I am nowhere near a branch. I wanted to use this account so my husband wouldn't know what was ordered. Well this was a gigantic mistake as the funds were placed on hold until the 16 th of December. There is no way to order something online and have it here by Christmas at that time. Customer service just kept repeating to me that they had to make sure the funds would be there and everything is subject to a hold. They didn't offer to help in any way. These were money orders it is the same as cash. Now I have to go pawn stuff and take presents back to return the money people had given me since I can not get my husbands present and I don't have access to the money in my account. So the awesome Christmas I thought we would have has turned out to be a nightmare thanks to USAA. I will be closing my account on the 16th and not looking back. They obviously don't care about the people who are scrounging and living paycheck to paycheck.




My heart goes out to you and your family. I read one story after another like this and wonder why USAA is still in business. I've lost nearly $5000. because of USAA .I think USAA needs to give everybody their money back and get the he'll out of town.


I will be droping USAA just as soon as my cases are settled. I wouldn't recommend USAA to my worst enemy.

You must be confused. Money orders are NEVER the same as cash on this planet. If you would learn how to read you can see every day about how people get money orders from Nigerian fraud artists that look very realistic, yet after three or four weeks come back bounced. It's not just limited to Nigerian fraud artists, either. A common scam is the mystery shopper job and other such scams. If you had good credit with USAA you would use the Mobile Deposit function and then checks you deposit would be made available immediately. Having poor credit and then depositing money orders just screams not being trustworthy.

When you deposit a large amount of money compared to the balance in your account, there will always be a 10 day hold on the funds. Your situation is fairly common, where someone saves up a lot of money to buy something specific, deposits the money, and thinks they will be able to use it right away. Usually banks will let you know this when you make the deposit about the possibility of the hold. I'm really sorry this has happened to you, but it's both completely legal and within USAA policy.


And FullBird, although you seem to be interested in giving advice, there's no need to be a jerk about it, starting every post with "You must be confused". Snark is not required this holiday season.