When I joined USAA over a decade ago, things happened very quickly. Money transfers were instantaneous, bank account updates took only a moment and calling customer service was awesome...none of this is true anymore.


I have been a member since 1992, and I too have seen a serious decline in services and support.  This week while doing an Insurance check-up versus a major national full service Home/Auto company they were able to beat USAA by more than 10% with better coverages.   Before 1997 they were $200-$300 more per 6 months.  The gap has slowly closed since then, and now on 2 cars, 2 motorcycles and my home USAA was $400/yr more after making all the changes they could.

Member for many, many years. I have also noticed a decline in services and support. I thought my  mortgage would be handled by USAA, but in fact it is managed by some other contracted mortgage service. I was never told that this would be the case so was surprised when it happened.  My RV had to have insurance from another provider as well since USAA doesn't provide RV insurance. The different departments don't interact with each other well, and sometimes don't talk to each other at all.  Keeping track of phone numbers and servicers for the different entities is more than I wanted to deal with. They really have just gotten too big to care. I am considering moving both of those to another CU who actually insures and services their own loans.