I've been with USAA my whole military career, going on 13 years and I never had a problem with them. BUT, the last couple of years their customer service and ability to mitigate problems has been horrible. My lastest experience has been filled with mis-information, lack of communication with me or within their offices and overall incompetence. It may only be a few employees that are ruining it for me but that speaks volumes about the company. I am seriouly thinking about changing my banking and insurance. Seems drastic with USAA having great benefits and rates but this is what it has come to....I AM SICK OF USAA!!!!


I would think twice about this change. For the most part, I find veterans serving veterans. What more can one ask for 'as a veteran'? I too am a Hoosier. USMC Veteran Indiana

Not my intent to "pile on" but I just saw the dated note relative to a member's apparent frustration with USAA.  I too have had some dissatifaction with USAA.  It began with my own attempt to refinance a couple of years ago and was assigned to a person who would leave voice mails on the answering machine saying they woud be in the office through Friday but would not be in the office on friday.  This was particularly frustrating as I was already fighting a several hour time zone difference in order to conduct business.

The second issue had to do with a family member's attempt to refinance.  When told that her self employed income was now considered insufficient,  I explained that I could do several things like dedicating a portion of my substantial monetary assets as a "set asside" to be held against any potential non-payment (which was unlikely as the re-fi figure was two hundred less than the current payment which had been on-going and never been as much as late.  Anyway, it was always:  why it could not be done as opposed to how to helpfully get it done!  After some run-around, I simply assumed her mortgage note and paid off USAA.  (No income for USAA)

The latest screw-up is elliminating the "view all" button in the mutual fund section which allowed all of USAA's fund activities to be viewed at the end of the day after the market close and the  "batch run" is made with a simple click and scroll down.  NO CUSTOMER INPUT BEFORE CHANGE AND NO LIST OF CHANGES MADE SO ONE COULD CHECK IMPACT.

It makes me want to come and work at USAA for free as I feel the WALK is not matching the TALK!

USAA is the Next Bank of America. Look at your ledger really close. Have you been paying more fees than you ever thought possible? Watch your online ledger -- they "shuffle the deck" as it is called in banking. WATCH YOUR LEDGER.