As a lifetime USAA member I can recall a time when this company was great, unfortunately for the last 5 years I have watched and seen it fall drastically into one of worst customer service


I have been a member for about 16 yrs now. I totally agree with you. I have had several issues with customer service being less than honest with me. I'm a 100% DAV. I was told finally  5 yrs after that I could've filed to have my insurance reduced due to that. I was calling every year when my homeowners insurance continually went up over $100 each year and becasue I did not have the income that I used to I was having a hard time affording these increases in home and auto premiums. I keep dropping coverages, raising deductables to keep my premiums down. Some years they didn't even increase the amount of my homeowners insurance it was just a rate hike. So after I was told that since I had a major life change by not being able to work any longer due to becoming disabled I requested to have my insurance reduced like I was told I could. The answer was sorry you have to file for that within the first 3 yrs of the major life change. All those years I was calling to try and lower my premiums and explaing to them why I had to lower them NOONE told me about this and I don't find it advertised anywhere that this is an option! I lowered my coverages on my house and garage down to as low as I could go and raised my home and auto premiums as high as I could. Now I have less coverage than I had when I started with USAA and my deductables are high. Well my homeowners was very high until Indiana passed a law that the deductables on homeowners could no no higher than 1% of the coverage rate. Of course this increased my premium again. I have had issues with my joint checking account with unauthorized charges and getting them refunded since they now want you to pay $9.99 a month to protect your checking account from what when I first oppened this account was promised. I closed that account and was going to move my checking and savings to USAA from my current bank, until this happened. They are acting like one of the banks and insurance companies now that are not for the people but just out to get fees and make money. I'm seriously going to start looking for another insurance provider since my rates are so high now. Ive read other reviews from members that have found insurance cheaper with the same coverage at other places now. I just can't afford it anymore. I can't afford my housepayment continuing to rise year after year due to my homeowners insurance increasing. I refinanced to get a lower rate so my payments would be less but  the premium increases ate all those savings up and I can't lower my coverages anymore than I have had to over the years.'


I will tell you that you get what you pay for sometimes. My house burned down on March 16th. I called USAA while the firemen were still on scene and they gave me $5k within the hour to make sure I had money to get a  hotel, food, etc. They paid the entire claim in 6 days. I have a friend that had a tornado demolish his house. His "lower rates" insurance company took 6 weeks before he ever got anything. Then he had major dispute issues for another 3 weeks, finally only getting about 70% of what he was insured for. The reality is that sometimes USAA may not be the least expensive but the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is also true.

I'm a fairly new member (less than 2 years) and I haven't been impressed by USAA's customer service.  I receive better assistance from both of the commercial banks I do business.  USAA staff doesn't focus on finding solutions rather they focus on the reasons something can't be done.  They can be pretty snippy at times as well.  Not a good experience so far...

I've been with USAA for 29 years and would not consider switching.  USAA provides excellent service to it's customers.  Could I get insurance cheaper somewhere else?  Yes.  Could I pay a lower mortgage rate with another band? Yes.  BUT, I'm not looking for the cheapest company, I'm looking for the best company.  That's USAA.  I'm constantly amazed that I can call any day, any time, and reach a representative that is well-trained and able to handle my needs.  I've never found myself stuck on hold or passed from representative to representative.  USAA has it's act together.  I'm also impressed by USAA's continual improvements in their online services.  They are tops in online client services and online client protection.  If you don't like it, go somewhere else.  There are lots of companies to choose from.  I'm sticking with USAA!

I have been a member since 2004 and personally can't recall a single bad experience talking to a customer service representative with USAA. The last 3 people I have spoken to over the phone have been very courteous, cheerful, and helpful. One even went above and beyond to the extent that by the time I hung up I felt as if I had made a lifelong friend. I'm sure with any company one is apt to run into the less-than-agreeable types from time to time, but I am also under the impression that in dealing with other people, one is likely to receive a reflection of what was given. That being said, I have never had to deal with any majorly stressful event in regards to claims or insurance, but at the present time I have no complaints regarding USAA's representatives or service.

I have had nothing but top notch customer service from USAA employees.


Output is usually dependent on input, poor input = poor output.


Interesting how on most of the complaints all that is given is general statements like "USAA is going downhill".


If you feel USAA customer service is bad, you will get an awaking when you call some other insurance companies.

wow I am gitting to "KNOW" USAA

Honestly I have to say that I have always had the best service, the most helpful people. But lately Ive had a rash of not so helpful not so good people. Maybe its just me, but today was the first time EVER I called back just to get a different person on the phone to help me out. I'm not saying its going downhill, but I this month marked the first time ive ever spoken to someone at USAA over the phone that I thought wasnt an excellent representative of an excellent company, and then immediately after marked two more times. I just hope its not a trend.

Yeah, I've noticed the increase on banking fees as well. they are definitely becoming a bank and not a credit union. Which technically i don't believe they are classified as a credit union.