USAA goes above and beyond!

I never dread calling USAA to ask questions or get information. The representatives are always clear, concise, friendly, and VERY helpful! I can't even count the number of times they have helped me, sometimes in very difficult situations. The one situation that comes to mind is when I was saving to buy my new home. Every paycheck, I'd calculate my bills, and transfer any extra money into my "no touch" savings account. I work nights, and I was doing this chore in the middle of the night...In my tired state I accidentally transferred over $1000 from my checking into my IRA instead of my savings! I called USAA in the morning to see if I could remedy the situation without penalty, and they found a way for me to take the money OUT of my IRA and back into my savings without penalty (loophole = allowed a one-time withdrawal from an IRA for purchase of a new home). Without their help, I would have been unable to meet my closing costs without being penalized for withdrawing from the IRA. There have been many more times that USAA has had the time and patience to work with me...even to the point of mailing off copies of checks paid to companies. Like I said, "Above and Beyond" should be their motto! Thanks USAA, I constantly recommend you to my friends and coworkers.
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