1 month ago I updated my address, and was notified that due to a potential security issue new cards where being issued (great news) to hear. The problem with this is that after the month passed u was able to publicly embarrass myself when my card declined. After calling this slum of a financial institution I was told that a new card would be sent. I personally thought that common sense would have kicked in and the rep would have done that prior, but alas I drew the short straw so therefore here I am waiting for a card I did not order to receive with an account that was essentially closed without my consent and I'm left to wait for days without access to my hard earned money. Great job USAA way to support me.


Perhaps you wanted them to allow your card to be charged illegally,..even after they were notified by an outside source that the card had the security issue?  Seems to me they did the right thing and gave you a new card but you remain upset without understanding what the real consequences could have been.  Seems to me you should be thanking them.  

No on the contrary the new of the issue one month prior so October not November why my card was not sent after that phone call shows that they slipped up. And your sad if you have to use credit for purchases anyway way to be a slave to American business.