We applied for Alaskan tags, forgot to fill out to to: line on the check, shame on us, so Alaska sent our title and check back to USAA not to us. We checked and an employee at USAA had cashed the check intended for the Alaskan DMV. Very disconcerting when it's your bank stealing from you. USAA did refund the amount into our account and sent us our title, but knowing there is someone at USAA that would risk their job for a few hundred dollars is sad.


Happens everywhere, my son send in a chack to the state of nj to takethe bar exam. He send a money order as they required and an eemployee cash the check. We only found out because a week before the bar, my son had not received a confirmation. State employee was fired....people do dumb things....my son was allowed to take the bar. State was extremely cooperative and apologetic.