“The USAA family of companies provides insurance, banking, investments, retirement products and advice to 10.4 million current and former members of the U.S. military and their families. Known for its legendary commitment to its members, USAA is consistently recognized for outstanding service, employee well-being and financial strength. USAA membership is open to all who are serving our nation in the U.S. military or have received a discharge type of Honorable – and their eligible family members.”



Reading the above statement makes me physically angry; USAA has cornered the market to make money off of an initial idea of providing specific service to Honorable members of this nation’s military service members. I am now under the impression that USAA has become complacent in regards to completing their mission statement. I believe that the mission statement above is a misrepresentation that provides the proper persuasion in order to manipulate service members and their family into thinking that USAA’s “service” is selfless and unparalleled.


I have been a member with USAA for a while now and was always very pleased with them until I actually used/needed their service. When we received our home loan through the VA I utilized USAA. Initially USAA was extremely responsive and easy to work with receiving my money. Upon completion of the documentation needed to finalize the loan they “popped smoke”; no follow up, no insight on financial advice regarding loan maintenance, nothing. Then upon buying my new truck I was having discussions back and forth with the dealership and USAA and when I gave USAA the interest rate that the dealership was offering they stated, “That cannot be legitimate.” Obviously my initial reaction was to believe USAA and question the integrity of the dealership. This is due to the obvious cliché of car dealerships being dirtbags. Upon further investigation into the discounts that were provided through the bank that my dealership utilizes I found it to be completely legitimate. And continue to on a monthly basis.


So that raised a few feelings of questionable behavior traits, why would my bank, who claims to be centered on the same beliefs as its members say something like that. Then I came to a realization, USAA has a net worth of ~ (26BILLION) that is no different than any other “too big to fail” corporation. Furthermore I will explain one other incident which in itself is minor, but represents the miscommunication, misrepresentation, and possibly manipulation of USAA’s agenda. Recently due to this really awesome weather we are having in the northeastern part of the US my wife’s windshield was cracked when a snow plow ejected road particles onto her vehicle when she was traveling in the opposite direction. The crack was minor, approximately 4 inches in length. When she came home I contacted USAA to ask what it would cost to fix a windshield, not to make a claim. This discussion yielded that my deductible was $500.00, I then stated, “Nope, I signed up for $0.” It was at this point that I was advised that I was incorrect. To make a long story short I switched my insurance at that time incurring a higher monthly rate for the $0 deductible. Obviously I was told that if the event occurred prior to the switch I could not claim it on my new insurance, and obviously I am not going to jeopardize my integrity for $500.00. What is absolutely disgusting is that when I did my research I found that a windshield repair from a Chevy dealership was only $280.00(Parts/Labor). I then re-contacted USAA and advised them of the price. My problem was that I was about to pay USAA $220.00 extra for nothing, now that is what I call a solid service.


I believe this to be a great start to USAA’s net worth breaking the $30Bill threshold! In all seriousness and all sarcasm aside I believe that USAA initiated their business to serve those who have and continue to put their country before themselves. But if you are going to be the “face” of Military banking I think there is one particular value that you could improve upon, “selfless service.” I feel that USAA is transforming from a great bank based on a very personal foundation into a bank that is based only on profit. I know these situations above are minor, but if they cannot execute these small details I am absolutely terrified to depend on USAA in a crisis situation. This is why I have initiated effort to find another insurer, loan company, and bank.


In closing there is a quote that I believe the new leadership of USAA, Stuart Parker, should embrace. “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” So please give more than you think you should on a daily basis, not only to your own self progression, or progression of your shareholders. Rather focus your energy on paralleling that priority of service you gave while you served this country and remember that you are part of a special portion of this country’s population who decided to and continue to put this nation’s security above their own.


Interesting rant! :)  


You do know that USAA shareholds are it members, so any profits are retained for financial strength or returned to the members.


Because your deductible is $500, doesn't mean that is what it would cost to replace/fix your windshield.  That is what you would have to pay before your insurance would kick in.  It appears you are thinking USAA was going to charge you $500.00.


USAA must be doing something right, their customers continue to rate them pretty high in customer satisifaction.



Dear RidgeRDR,

Thank you for taking the time to give some details about the service failures you have encountered lately. It is with feedback like yours that we are able to improve as a company. As you quoted our mission truly is to serve our members. This is a commitment we take very seriously. We would appreciate the chance to talk with you further about how we could have (and continue to handle) the windshield situation. Please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com and include your member number, the details you provided above and the best way to contact you. We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you.



I appreciate your insight, I was under the impression that USAA had a board of Shareholders, I recant my comment about that particular portion of my “rant.”


Although I do understand what a deductible is, my point was that when I signed up I was under the assumption of a $0.00 comp plan deductible... And when I called, I was advised that I would pay $500.00 to USAA for a window replacement. After advising the representative about my assumption of $0 as I requested previously it got very confusing. It was explained to me that I would pay USAA $500.00 for any and all claims.


Furthermore I understand that customer satisfaction is high at USAA, mine was 100%. Although as I do more and more research it seems that those who have encountered a crisis situation have similar ideas of USAA.




Hello All,

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Just wanted to point out to everyone here on the forum:


I have posted my complaints, in response to different various complaints, in multiple facets of the member community.  I have yet to post a "duplicate post" anywhere as each one is different in some way and/or pertains to that specific thread where it is posted.  


I would also like to just say, to of course no one individual in particular, that i have yet to post a personal attack to anyone.  But i will however call out anyone who blatantly appears to sound as if they are "too familiar" with the canned responses and procedures that are issued by USAA employees over the phone or otherwise.  It is the duty of anyone in a forum, on any social media page to point out and disclose imposters.  Otherwise the whole idea of any of this becomes rediculous.


Finally,  if anyone knows whether "mums the word" or not please stand and be counted.  Hey guys remember when that one guy took over that one country and had all those people with really neat grey uniforms listen in on and control all forms of social media and their responses?


Just a general, not specifically aimed, disclaimer.  



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Dear BrianaHartzellUSAA,

Would you be so kind as to point the foul language exactly from my post?  You can do this via the private member message system if need be but it is my contention that none of the complaints i filed, either in response or otherwise, have containted any unacceptable language.  Please also see my post from 05-10-2015 at 02:13 PM as a reference to this exact post from you (at 02:30 PM).